Westminster Education Forum - Next steps for T Level implementation


Key areas for discussion:

  • the first wave of T Levels:
    • implementation - what has been learned from launch of the first wave during the pandemic, including for industry placements and assessments
    • support - assessing the impact of Government funding boosts and other measures for T Levels - as well as priorities for supporting providers moving forward
    • standards:
      • how providers have adjusted provision in extraordinary circumstances whilst ensuring high quality
      • variation between the three initial T Levels
      • how to ensure that adjustments made during the pandemic do not hinder long-term enforcement of standards for the new qualification
    • lessons learned - ways to ensure that insights and lessons learnt from the first wave get fed into the roll-out of the second wave in the autumn of 2021 
  • recruitment and the experience of students:
    • attitudes - the impact on students of challenges posed by the pandemic to T Level roll-out on student experience and satisfaction, and on awareness of the new qualification
    • expectations - the extent to which these have been met for students, taking into account adjustments in light of the pandemic
    • awareness - of the qualifications, key features, structure and assessment methods, as well as the reputation amongst employers and how they compare to other qualifications on offer
    • communication - ensuring that students know what to expect and can effectively measure their satisfaction, and discussion on options for future communication strategies
    • the T Level Transition Programme - initial experiences amongst the first student cohort
  • contributing to the vocational system and post-pandemic economic recovery:
    • impact - opportunities for best using T Levels, and the experience of those taking the qualification, to support the economic recovery from the pandemic, and priorities areas for upskilling
    • the policy landscape - how the role of T Levels might develop with the increased focus on role of further, technical and vocational education, and on engineering, science and nursing
    • integration - ensuring that the skills and competencies acquired by T Level students are understood by employers, and the smooth transition to employment and HE
    • Brexit - with the end of the transition period, maximising the opportunities created by the qualification in addressing key skills shortages such as through the T Level in construction workforce

Organiser: Emma Harrison, Emma.Harrison@westminsterforumprojects.co.uk