IFST Scotland Branch Event: Net Zero Gin, Utilisation of Barley, find out innovative ways the food industry is becoming sustainable in Scotland? - March 2021


Free to attend

Register here: https://www.ifst.org/events/1027/ifst-scotland-branch-event-net-zero-gin-utilisation-of-barley-find-out-innovative-ways-the-food-industry-is-becoming-sustainable-in-scotland


Organised by Scotland Branch

In this webinar the work of James Hutton Institute in its International Barley Hub work will be presented, trying to inspire the use of barley (typically underused in the UK) in everyday products. Barley is a useful crop as it is well suited for the soil and climate we experience within the UK, and if considering food miles, then Barley is a cereal we really need to explore more. In addition to this we will hear from Arbikie Distillery and their tale of working toward a Net Zero approach to their gin business. 

What participants will learn about: Sustainability, real-life issues, research within the fields of cereals, opportunities for businesses. 

Target audience: IFST members and non-members 


Chair: Ruth Birt, Managing Director, Regulatory Solutions 

Ruth has over 30 years’ experience in the food industry and holds a Food Science degree and a master’s in food law. Ruth spent 15 years in a blue-chip specialist foods company before setting up her consultancy, Regulatory Solutions Ltd. Her company offers regulatory advice in the areas of infant foods, foods for special medical purposes, and other dietetic foods. Ruth is the Chair of the IFST Scottish Branch.


Speaker: Professor Derek Stewart, Business Sector Lead: AgriFood, James Hutton Institute

Derek is responsible for developing the research opportunities on agriculture, food and drink supply and value chains, production systems, biomass, waste valorisation and the (bio)circular economy.  Derek was previously the leader of the Crop Productivity and Utilisation Theme and before that the Plant Product and Food Quality department (SCRI). He currently holds the Chair of Food Chemistry in the Department of Engineering and Physical Science at Heriot-Watt University.

Speaker: Kirsty Black, Distillery Manager & Distiller, Arbikie Highland Estate

Q&A Moderator: Jonathan Wilkin, Senior Lecturer Abertay University

Dr Wilkin is a lecturer in New Product Development and is the business development manager for Food Innovation at Abertay (FIA); FIA is practical innovation support for the food and drink industry, which connects academics within the division of engineering and food science with external partners in the industry.

Live Q&A: Jonathan Wilkin, Professor Derek Stewart & Kirsty Black